architecture office


Since 1996 we have offered a full range of integrated architectural services. We approach all project phases from inception to execution: project preparation, building permit documents, architectural project, coordination between the design and engineering teams, and site supervision.

We involve the client in our design process. With focus on clients’ needs and preferences to create a professional, functional, and contextualized design. We develop each project in a unique way.

We have the full capability to design, coordinate, and supervise commercial buildings from inception to execution. Based on a 25-year practice in architecture, we match the client’s desire, the public’s needs, and the environmental conditions to a distinctive design.

Commercial architecture requires attention to marketing and publicity. Aware of these specific requirements, we work together with our clients towards an architectural solution that sparks the interest of the public while meeting the technical and environmental demands.

We work with interdisciplinary teams to create an efficient, responsible, and sustainable architecture. Our architects develop together with the engineering and technical team creative solutions for an integrated design. We optimize the industrial flows by generating functional spaces that are both aesthetic and representative for the client.

Experienced in BIM modeling, our team is capable to project with accuracy and to coordinate effectively all the execution phases of the building.